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Five decades of craftmanship and quality

Mome Oy (Ltd) is manufacturer of architectural door handles. The activity started in Helsinki, Finland in 1957.

The founders of the workshop, Mr Per-Erik Hansson and Mr Helge Henrik Saarela invented a new fastening system for through-mounted door handles. As soon as the technical solution was drawn on paper and the prototypes were tested, they took an application to the patent office. Soon they received a "yes" and the technical invention was protected.

In those days, late 50' s, metallic narrow profile doors were new items at the building material market in Finland. When contractors, locksmiths and handle manufacturers received the new door types at the market, they also faced problems in installing handles into narrow profiles. The new Mome-system was the solution to the problems. Beside of the perfectly fitting measure it also showed out to be an extremely sturdy and durable fastening system.

In the very beginning, Mr Hansson and Saarela agreed as the main idea to produce all items of solid materials, avoiding tubes, light metal, aluminium and any cheap raw material that doesn't improve quality. The main priority was decided to concentrate the business with durability and quality in mind. These factors combined with the Mome fastening system have caused the fact that Mome handles installed into heavily used doors in public sites are still there, after decades.

The classical Mome series are mainly issued in the 60's. Out of those the best known is definately the Sharp Angle-series, designed in 1968 by family architects Kaija and Heikki Siren. Also the Black and Chrome- handle by architect Mr Olli Kuusi was issued in the late 60's. The classical Mome handles - nearly 40 year old designs - are still today specified into many public sites, occasionally also private housing. Modern design is timeless.

In the year of 2000 the founders of the company retired. At the same time the workshop was sold to a new owner and moved to Vantaa town, located nearby Helsinki. The first decision that was made then was to keep up the production of the traditional Mome designs which had a good reputation in the market. The concept included to respect the original thought to remain high standard design and good quality.


Between the years from 2000 to 2002, Mome workshop issued new design series named Blanco, Cosmo, Stripe and Tan. Along with the classical selections, the workshop offered these new fresh series to the market.

In the year of 2006 when Mome web pages were issued, also four new designs were officially introduced. Those are door lever handle series Dune and Mome Bronze, both by industrial designer Mr Totti Helin. Innovative thoughts into material and shape have also been worked out in co-operation with architect Mr Niko Tiula. His design Grip handles are based on shiny chrome surfaces combined with variations of black polymethen and leather. The step that Mome workshop has made along issueing the series of these two designers is definately a long one. Until now Mome workshop is basically known to be a manufacturer of door pull handles. Now, Mome is also a manufacturer of mechanical door handles.

The main values and factors of Mome working philosophy are artindustrial craftmanship, high standard of design, durability and Quality-minded thinking.

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