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Installation of handles

The fastening technic of Mome handles is based on a patented, sturdy through-mounted system. Mome door pull handles can be mounted in to narrowe profile doors, the minimum width of the door profile can go down to 30 mm. Beside of metal profile doors, Mome handles can also be installed into wooden as well as fire exit doors. Also glass door mounted systems can be made when specified in advance.

The push side of the door handle is to be fastened into the threaded bolt with a fastening tool that comes along with each handle delivery. Itís important that the final installation of the push part of the handle will be done with Momes own fastening tool. If the installation will be done with plyers, the finishing of the fittings will be damaged.

The Mome standard fastening bolts have grooves for cutting them into the needed length. The maximum thickness of the door can be 130 mm. For special cases, bolts for extra-thick doors can also be made.

Straight / bent -combinations

A standard Mome handle pair is either straight or bent shaped where both parts of the handle have the same shape. Itís also possible to have a combination where the other part is straight and the opposite side has a bent shape. In case this combination is requested, it must be specified in the orders. In our item codes, we have the sign S for straight and T for bent shape. When a straight-bent combination is requested, please mark it down with codes S/T.

Please note that the straight-bent combination is not suitable for door types that can be opened into both directions, inwards and outwards. For that type of doors, we recommend always handles which both parts have a bent shape (code T).

Onesided handle

Mome handles are also available as onesided variations. The fastening of this handle type is also through mounted. The visible parts of the bolts heads have the same finishing as the handle.

Finishings of metallic parts

In the standard selection of Mome handles, the finishings are chrome plated, shiny polished or matt sanded brass, silver shaded matt-satin and black lacquered.

On special request, the chrome plated surface can also be finished as a matt surface which appearance looks like stainless steel.

Shiny polished brass and matt-sanded brass on Mome door pull handles are delivered without protective clear lacquered finishing, unless especially requested. In case this extra finishing is requested, please mark down the code SL.

The natural patina that appears by time on the externally used handles will slowly make the surface of brass darker. The effect of patina on brass surfaces which are used indoors is totally different. The outlook will turn into a "dirty" yellow patchy colour and the surface will collect all fingerprints visible. Therefore all Mome lever door handles which are used for interior doors will have the final coat of protective clear lacquer when the finishing is shiny polished or matt-sanded. The clear lacquer will keep the brass surface itís fresh original look. Interior door handles with brass surfaces are all specified with the finishing code SL that goes for clear lacquer finishing.

Matt-satin and black finishing are both powder painted surfaces. Second phase of this finishing is sprayed clear lacquer.

Special requests of colours outside of the standard selection and special finishings negotiateable.

Finishings of wooden components

Material of wooden parts in the standard selection is oak and birch. The parts used in door pull handles are finished with clear lacquer or mahogany shaded stain. Stain finishing will be added with an extra coat of clear lacquer.

The wooden parts of the lever door handles are also made of oak and birch. The finishing is done with natural wax. The character of this specific wax is that it doesnít just cover the surface of the lever part, it also soaks deep into the texture of the wood. In the standard selection of Mome handles, the colour range is transparent clear, mahogany and black. The final phase of colour wax finishing works is coating the surface with transparent wax. The final coat gives a good protection for the colour and itís easy to clean with Osmocolor cleaning wax. Beside of the components with cleaning functions, the consistance of cleaning wax is based on the same substance as all natural waxes. Therefore when a possible need of cleaning of the wooden part is taken care of, the cleaning will be a maintanace of the finishing at the same time.

Different colours of natural wax finishings are available according to the Osmocolor selection.

Custom orders with stains and colours outside of the standard selection is negotiateable.

Mechanical functions of lever handles

Mome system is based on sturdy fastening and long lasting functions.

The standard of the interior door handles of Mome is following:

  • Complete "hidden fastening". All screws, bolts and fasteners will be non-visible after installation.
  • Mounting roses fixed on the root part of the lever.
  • Through-mounted system.
  • Extra-fastened on both sides into the square spindle.
  • Double-sided fixed springs.

Factors above are basics that we donít want to overlook when producing quality handles for architectural sites. Loose springs and spring cases to be mounted into the handle and the square spindle during the installations works are not as qualitative as solid fixed springs. During installations the spring cases might be too thick to fit into the mounting holes. Loose springs can cause problems because they might not snap on where they should. Generally the system also lacks the stopper pin which makes the handle to stay straight in itís level position when itís not in use. Itís very common that these types of springs will be installed at sights only one-sided or sometimes even left out totally, trusting that the return spring of the lock will take care of the job. Therefore the solution will not ensure a long lasting function and the basic idea has lost its meaning. To avoid these problems, as well as to ensure the quality-factors, a fixed double-sided firm spring system is definitely a part of the Mome-standard.

The mechanical functions and mounting measurements are made to fit into finnish made locks. For orders overseas, please inform which type of locks will be used together with the handle.

For door manufacturers, locksmiths and contractors information:
mounting hole diameter: 38 - 40 mm.

Further information and technical details for your need available from us:

Phone : +358-50-511 07 38 attn: Ray Karppinen