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The Tan handle is a new variation of an older model called Studio Tan. As a new generation, Tan handles are available in various measurements, bent shapes is 45 and 90-degree angles, straight shape as well as all finishing options which are listed below.

In the pictures, bracket parts are in 45-degree angles which are suitable for solid wooden doors. For metal and narrow profile doors we recommend the bent shape in 90-degrees. For special request also available in straight shape.

Standard sizes of the selection 220, 300, 400 and 600 mm.

Finishing options: Chrome plated, polished brass and matt sanded brass. Brass surfaces also available upon request in protective clear lacquering.


Model name: Tan-handle c/c
finishing code
96 - T 220 CR
96 - T 220 MP
96 - T 220 MP1
96 - T 300 CR
96 - T 300 MP
96 - T 300 MP1
96 - T 400 CR
96 - T 400 MP
96 - T 400 MP1
96 - T 600 CR
96 - T 600 MP
96 - T 600 MP1

T - Bent
CR - Chrome plated
MP - Polished brass
MP1 - Matt sanded brass

For offer asks, specifying into sites and orders, please refer to the following specifications:

  • model name
  • mounting hole distance
  • finishing code
  • Possible special recquest of protective clear lacquering of brass surfaces
  • Type of door (narrow profile, metal, wooden, fire exit, glass door etc.).


Tan handle CR c/c 220 mm.Material thickness of the handle bars 22 mm.

Tan handle CR c/c 400 mm. Material thickness of the handle bars 28 mm.

Tan handle MP c/c 400 mm. Material thickness of the handle bars 28 mm.