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Mome Bronze
Design Totti Helin

Mome Bronze was born as a result of an intensive co-operation. In the beginning of the project the esthetical value was specified to be sculptural. The Quality factor was clear ; a product which durability and capasity of useage will be all right without any problems, still long after our time.

Mounting hole distance 560 mm. Optional finishings: Chrome plated , shiny polished or matt sanded. Bronze surface upon request also finished as protective clear lacquered.


Model name: Mome Bronze finishing code

CR - Chrome plated
KIIL - Polished bronze
HARJ - Matt sanded bronze

For offer asks, specifying of sites and orders, please specify

  • model name
  • item number
  • finishing code
  • wether special request of protective clear laqured on bronze surface
  • type of door (metal, narrow profile, wooden, glass door etc.).