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Objects of usage: Doors with flat surfaces, lock cylinders and locking snibs.

In addition to its stylistic values, it gives a practical benefit of protection to the surface of the door against fingerprints and handmarks.

In re-decorational sites where old door hardware and locks will be removed and changed into new, the plate will cover all holes which have been caused of the installation works, especially when old and new locks have different measurements of mounting hole distances.

The thickness of the coverplate is 4 mm. It gives a good sturdy base to the hardware that will be mounted on it.

Finishing options in the standard selection: chrome plated, polished or matt-sanded brass. Brass surfaces will have an extra coat of protective clear lacquer.

Custom orders with given measurements, special finishings as well as customers designed shapes of the coverplate are negotiateable.

Cover plate 90°

Cover plate 180°