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Grip door handles
Design Niko Tiula

The base of concept in modern design is esthetics and function. At the time when drafting on paper and planning on a good handle, the designer has to take in consideration ergonomics and the " eye of the hand " –how does it feel when you touch it? In addition to its stylish look, it also has to function, regardless if the user is a man with a big fist, a woman with a small hand or a little child with tiny fingers. Along with the esthetic values, working design and production on Mome handles, Quality-thinking is always at presence. The choice of material, carefully worked phases of production, finishing and quality control are factors that will ensure the durability and function. Occasionally when we receive a feedback from and end-user, telling us about a comfort which is caused by our product, we feel that we succeded.

When Mr Tiula started the design works on Grip handles, the starting-points of his thoughts were scandinavian freshness and modernistic straight- forward thinking. The choices of materials are chrome plated brass, slightly grooved polyethen and leather.

Metallic parts chrome plated brass. All screws and fasteners on the installed handles are out of sight, " hidden type" -fastening system. Mounting through the lock. Additional double-sided fastening on the square spindle that gives on extra support to the through- mounted fastening. Double-sided return spring system fixed into the fastening structure. The system supports the spring of the lock and ensures that the handle returns back to its position. When specifying for sites and ordering, please inform door thickness, type of lock with number.

For offer asks, specifying of site projects and orders, please specify

  • model name
  • item code
  • door thickness
  • type of lock and number.

Grip leather

Metallic parts chrome plated brass. Lever parts partly covered with black leather with an outer stitched seam.

Item code: NT / CR / NHK

Grip polymethen

Metallic parts chrome plated brass. Lever parts with polymethen components with slightly grooved stripes.

Item code: NT / CR / PM