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Dune series
Design Totti Helin

The task of a design door handle is to highlight the style of the door. Dune series is offering various options for the choice of a high quality handle for wooden doors. The lever part of Dune is not just a simple round-turned piece of wood. It has a carefully designed shape of its own thats made to feel good in the hand of the user. On its side, faceing outwards, it has a projecting edge part that curves like a wave. In the end part of the lever, the edge stretches out like a fin. The surface below the " fin-part " has a fine concave, like a gently sloping u-shape. When using the handle, the fingertips will comfortably get supported by the fine u - shape. The person that opens the door will feel a good grip of the handle and a nice warmth from the wood. While Dune highlights the door, it also shakes hands with the user of it.

Metallic parts solid brass. Finishing options: chrome plated, matt-satin coloured powder painted, shiny polished or matt-sanded brass surface with protective clear lacquering.

The wooden parts of birch and oak. Finishing in natural wax with following options : clear transparent, mahogany colour, black. Other finishings available out the selection of Osmocolor.

In case the lever parts will possibly need cleaning after years of useage, we recommend Osmocolor service wax. The cleaning is easily done with it a fine grid srubbing brush and a small amount of service wax which will airdry in a few minutes. Beside of cleaning components in the service wax, the main consistance of the wax is based on the original material. Therefore cleaning the lever part will be maintaining the wooden surface at the same time.

Mounting and mechanical functions of the handle Mome standard system. Screws and fasteners on the installed handle will be hidden out of sight. In addition to through-mounted screws, extra fastening on the both sides into the groove on the square spindle. Double-sided fixed return spring that supports the function of the lock spring.

Dune handles available in the selection in 10 variations. Other variations outside of the standard collection negotiatable.

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Dune chrome - oak

Metallic parts chrome plated brass. Wooden lever parts of oak, finished with natural clear wax.

Item code: TH / CR / TM

For offer asks, specifying of site projects and orders, please specify

  • model name
  • item code
  • door thickness
  • type of lock and number.