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Deco door handle

Deco is a combination of gently sloping shapes, meeting the form of a cone and hexagon. Finished in a brass surface, either shiny polished or matt sanded the appearance is classically decorative. When the finishing is chrome plated, supprisingly its face turns into a modernistic look.

Standard measurements in the selection 300, 400 and 600 mm.

Finishing as chrome plated, matt sanded or polished brass. Brass surfaces upon special request also with protective clear lacquer.


Model name: Deco c/c
finishing code
97 - T 300 CR
97 - T 300 MP
97 - T 300 MP1
97 - T 400 CR
97 - T 400 MP
97 - T 400 MP1
97 - T 600 CR
97 - T 600 MP
97 - T 600 MP1

T - Bendt
CR - Chrome plated
MP - Polished brass
MP1 - Matt sanded brass

Available also as straight shaped models. In case straight model is requested, please specify by item number with an S - sign instead of T.

For offer asks, specifying of sites and orders, please refer to the following specifications:

  • model name
  • item number
  • c/c -measure
  • finishing code
  • special requests of finishing
  • special request of straight shape
  • type of door ( metal, narrow profile, wooden, glassdoor etc.).


Deco, mattsanded brass
c/c 300 mm

Deco, shiny polished brass
c/c 300 mm

Deco, shiny polished brass
c/c 400 mm